Bacon & Gammon

Bacon is one of the elements that make the great British fry up and here at Walton Meats we ensure that all our bacon is of top quality with only the necessary cure added so you know that your bacon will not shrink beyond recognition when it comes out of the pan.

Gammon for all breakfast menus you may want to consider our range of bacon, whether you require back, streaky or sweet cure bacon if you want it unsmoked or smoked we are sure to have the bacon you want to serve your customers and make your breakfast menu fully satisfying.

Gammon steaks have always been a desirable grill item on menus. We know that portion control is important to you we can offer you a range of gammon steaks either D cut(half moon) or horse shoe (full face) rindless or rind on and ranging from 4 to 12oz and all cut to within half an ounce of the desired portion weight.

Our Gammon Joints are simply succulent whether you want to make your own ham for simply delicious sandwiches or serve Gammon as a roast Carvery option you can be assured that our Gammon joints will satisfy your purpose.