Poultry & Game

Fresh, farm-assured chicken means the very best flavour and texture, every time. And with strict welfare standards in place, you know your food comes from a source you can trust.

From Suffolk duck to Scottish venison, we source the finest poultry and game from across the country.

Goosnargh corn-fed chicken

Goosnargh is found near Preston, on the edge of the picturesque Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Birds are housed in roomy open barns, with natural ventilation and fresh straw bedding every day. They're grown at a natural rate and feed is free from chemicals and growth promoters. This natural corn diet, together with the age at which birds are finished, provides a high meat-to-bone ratio with meat that's low in fat and full of natural flavour.

Gloucestershire free-range chicken

Our free-range chickens are reared in the paddocks and fields of Gloucestershire by producers with over 50 years' experience in poultry farming. Birds are fed on a strict natural diet, free from antibiotics - resulting in a fuller flavour and natural texture.

South East turkey

Our traditional South East Turkeys come from the well established, family run Grove Smith Turkeys. The birds are fed with homegrown cereals, and live in a natural space with plenty of sunlight.

Yorkshire game

Our game birds are supplied by a wide range of estates, shoots and individuals across North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales. All our suppliers comply with The Code of Good Shooting Practice, offering grouse, partridge, mallard, pheasant, woodpigeon, hare and rabbit. We can process all species as you wish and, unless otherwise stated, all birds are plucked and gutted.


The ultimate free-range food, wild deer have wide ranging diets and have to be healthy and lean in order to survive. The resulting meat has a wonderful, distinctive flavour and is extremely low in fat and cholesterol. We are able to bring you a number of species, most notably Red deer from the West Highlands of Scotland, Fallow deer from parkland herds in Yorkshire and Red deer from the borders of England and Scotland.

Christmas Turkey


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Free Range

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